[ This is a promotional notice published in-kind request of Nepal's climate activist]

Project: National Climate Literacy Conference Series

Project Area: Nepal (7 provinces)

Theme: Together We Can Save Our People & Planet

0ganizers: Climate Initiative, The Youth Times, सञ्चारकर्मी

Climate Literacy Conference Series is an initiative jointly led by The Youth Times, www.sancharkarmi.com and Climate Initiative. This is a series of the conference which will be held in 7 provinces of Nepal as a preparation for a National Climate Literacy Conference and World Climate Conference. This conference aims to make the participation of ONE million people in Nepal. It will enrol TEN thousand climate campaigners, One thousand climate champions and ONE hundred leaders. It has ONE goal to make every citizen, every country and every leader responsible for the future of people and planet.

We are deeply concerned about:

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Appeal: We are looking forward to more kind cooperation and collaborations. It designed to work with local & federal governments, civil society, NGOs and INGOs. For more detail and inquiry: climateinitiative2020@gmail.com, info@theyouthtimes.com or +097-9851171016

Target: World Climate Conference